Intro to Sports Performance (Ages 7-10)

For the young athlete just getting their feet wet in the world of athletics. Here, the beginning foundation of becoming an elite athlete in the future is provided for each client. Proper body coordination and techniques are all covered here including:

1. Stability/ Flexibility
2. Proper Running and Jumping Form
3. Beginning Speed and Agility Development
4. Hand-Eye Coordination
5. Body Weight Strength Exercises

Varsity Prep (Ages 11-14)

For the athlete getting ready to enter high school athletics. The goal is of this course is to get each client Varsity ready physically before they step foot inside high school. Beginning strength training using weights is implemented, as well as advanced explosion and reaction development. Other areas stressed are:

1. Speed/ Agility Training
2. Injury Prevention
3. Mastery of Body Weight
4. Flexibility/ Stability

Collegiate Prep (Ages 15-22)

Our elite level course. The primary goal is to have each athlete ready to compete at the collegiate level before they set foot on campus as freshman. Here at Pro-Fit, our trainers have been through the D1 college ranks, and will know every drill our clients will see at that level. By training with us, our clients will be a step ahead physically and mentally before college, because nothing they see on campus will be different than the things they have already done with us. Along with training, dietary suggestions will be given to help our clients learn to make smarter choices, maximizing workout gains. Our training will focus on:

1. Developing Lateral Quickness
2. Injury Prevention
3. Power Lifts for Maximum Strength
4. Explosion and Vertical Jump Work
5. College and Professional Level Speed Training


  • 1 Session – $50
  • 4 Sessions – $185
  • 8 Sessions – $350

Sessions Fill Up Quickly!

Pro-Fit Training Reviews

“Where do we begin with Coach Julian? He is the total package coach, all wrapped up in one. He was able to access my sons level of playing and create a plan that will excel him to an elite level. I appreciated him explaining the details of the workout regiment he had for my son, answering my many questions. He is very knowledgeable in strength/conditioning, basketball, and nutrition. On top of that, he is professional, friendly, and fun, making the entire work out experience perfect! My son is excited about his workouts with Coach Julian and that makes me extremely happy

“Coach Julian is an awesome coach! My son trained yesterday with him for the first time and we are continuing sessions with Coach Julian for sure! Julian is a “big picture guy”! In addition to working on overall conditioning, agility and ball handling skills etc., what makes Julian an amazing coach is that he really focuses on understanding the game and knowing what to do at any point in the game. He is personal, attentive and motivated to make your child succeed with confidence. What more could you ask for!” – Maureen