What the players are saying...


An extremely professional place. The coaches are very passionate about teaching, and the kids leave this facility with new attitudes and great self-confidence. Excellent basketball facility! I would highly recommend it to anyone with a passion for basketball who wants to learn the fundamentals and is looking for a place to learn and have fun!


Julian’s advisement and guidance helped me develop as a player at the professional level. I would recommend him to anyone from middle school to the professional level. His knowledge of basketball mixed with strength and conditioning will lift anyone trying to improve their game to the next level! Anyone looking for their child to get a scholarship to play basketball should definitely check out Pro-Fit basketball.


It was my daughter's first experience with professional basketball training, and she was not as developed as the other children, but Pro-Fit worked with her on the side, one-on-one, to get her up to speed. They are amazing with children, using positive reinforcement but with high expectations. Great facility!


I would recommend Coach Julian to anyone starting to play basketball or trying to become better. My son said he had a great time with Coach Julian, that he was nice and quickly helped him to improve his shot. I would recommend Coach Julian to anyone looking for a good coach to quickly help them improve their skills!


Coach Julian is an awesome coach! My son trained yesterday with him for the first time, and we are continuing sessions with Coach Julian for sure! Julian is a “big picture guy!” In addition to working on overall conditioning, agility, ball handling skills, etc., what makes Julian an amazing coach is that he really focuses on understanding the game and knowing what to do at any point in the game. He is personal, attentive, and motivated to make your child succeed with confidence. What more could you ask for?!


Where do we begin with Coach Julian? He is the total package coach, all wrapped up in one. He was able to access my son's level of playing and create a plan that will excel him to an elite level. I appreciated him explaining the details of the workout regimen he had for my son and answering my many questions. He is very knowledgeable in strength/conditioning, basketball, and nutrition. On top of that, he is professional, friendly, and fun, making the entire workout experience perfect! My son is excited about his workouts with Coach Julian and that makes me extremely happy. He exceeds five stars!


Coach Julian has great coaching techniques. He not only teaches you the game and how to improve on what’s needed to succeed but also improves your basketball IQ. He uses workout techniques and drills that are used at the professional level. I have seen improvements in all aspects of my son’s game. My son achieved "Gatorade Player of the Year" for the state of Maryland, and with Pro-Fit's training, it’s on to the next level. Thanks, Coach!


Coach Julian hit the ground running with my 8th-grade son at their first coaching session. He came in with a game plan in mind, and that game plan was designed to quickly assess what my son needed to work on. They worked on ball handling skills, defense, and shooting skills, and my son was so happy with everything he learned. Coach Julian has a very upbeat and encouraging attitude that my son really responded to. We definitely recommend Coach Julian to others.

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