Pricing Options

Please see below all the pricing options we have here at Pro-Fit! We have flexible options for all schedules, and commitment levels! In addition, once a package of sessions is purchased, they are interchangeable with any of our group classes!


Every new client gets their first group training lesson free! Please click below to make an account, get your lesson, and book whenever you want to come in and meet us!


Receive 8 group lessons, and a complimentary private session to use every month!
New lessons will be added to your account every month, for 90 days.
$300 Per Month

4 Group Lessons


8 Group Lessons


Group Training Memberships

8 Group Lessons, 1 Private


4 Group Lessons, 1 Private


Drop In


Unlimited Group Sessions


The ultimate plan for the fastest player development possible.
As many sessions as you want, basketball or strength training, all month long!

Private Lessons

1 Private Lesson


Private lessons are great for those who need complete and undivided attention. An intense 1 hour session to highlight player’s strengths and improve weaknesses.

4 Private Lessons

$80 Each

Buddy Pass


Private, one-hour lesson for 2 athletes to highlight their strengths and improve weaknesses.

Buddy Pass Package

$47.50 per player

4 Private Lessons