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Every trainer at Pro-Fit has years of high level collegiate (NCAA D1) and professional experience (NBA/overseas).

Alexandria, Virginia, a historic city near Washington D.C., exudes charm with its cobblestone streets, waterfront views, and rich heritage. Renowned for its colonial architecture, vibrant art scene, and diverse dining options, Alexandria captivates visitors with its unique blend of history and modernity.

Located near Alexandria, VA’s vibrant tapestry of upscale living and diverse community, Pro-Fit Basketball Training stands as a beacon for athletic aspirations. Recognizing the city’s fervor for top-tier sports development, we go beyond conventional coaching. For Alexandria residents starting on their basketball journey or seasoned players seeking growth, Pro-Fit isn’t just a training center. Offering personalized guidance, intimate group sessions, and specialized clinics, we redefine coaching.

At Pro-Fit, we’re more than a facility—we’re a hub for athletes of all ages and skill levels, with cutting-edge resources and seasoned mentors dedicated to nurturing basketball excellence. Amidst Alexandria’s hustle, we provide a space to pause, focus on personal growth, and relentlessly pursue basketball ambitions.

Small Group Basketball


Welcome to the heart of basketball transformation at Pro-Fit Basketball Training, serving Alexandria, VA residents. Here, it’s not just about basketball drills – it’s about embarking on an unparalleled basketball odyssey. Our small group sessions are meticulously crafted to skyrocket your game, offering an experience that extends far beyond the confines of the court. In our close-knit sessions, you’re not another face in the crowd; you’re a recognized talent. We delve deep, offering personalized feedback and tailored guidance, amplifying your strengths and tackling your weaknesses head-on.

Our philosophy centers on refining your technique, boosting your basketball IQ, and honing your teamwork skills. The coaching squad? A league of their own. Armed with unmatched expertise and an unyielding passion for the game, our mission is simple: unlocking your full potential. We’re not just teaching basketball skills; we’re nurturing an enduring love for the sport.

Whether you’re a rising star craving a solid foundation or a seasoned player hungry for improvement, our small group sessions are crafted to push boundaries and instill a discipline that transcends the court. The time is ripe to surpass the ordinary and unleash the player you were destined to be – all with Pro-Fit Basketball Training.

Private Lessons


Elevate your basketball game to new heights with Pro-Fit Basketball Training, located just outside of Alexandria, VA! For all the hoop enthusiasts out there, we’ve got the blueprint for hardwood greatness reserved just for you. Step onto the court for our exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions—a game-changer in unleashing your full potential. In the fiercely competitive world of basketball, that extra edge matters, and we’re here to ensure you achieve it.

What sets us apart? It’s the magic of personalization! Unlike typical group sessions, our private lessons revolve entirely around you. Our expert coaches assess your skills, pinpoint areas for growth, and craft a tailor-made training plan specific to your needs and ambitions. Whether it’s perfecting your shooting form, mastering ball-handling finesse, or becoming a defensive standout, Pro-Fit Basketball Training has the expertise and tools to transform your hoop dreams into reality. Get ready to light up the court like never before!

Strength Training


Unleash your athletic ability with Pro-Fit’s avant-garde strength training! We’re not just trainers; we’re architects of performance, unlocking your latent potential through strength. Our tailored programs suit all levels. Whether aiming for perfect three-pointers, epic dunks, or court domination, our training is your path to triumph. Experience top tier coaching at our cutting-edge Bethesda, MD, and Alexandria, VA facilities. Our dedicated mentors turn every session into a thrilling odyssey toward athletic greatness. Join us and redefine your basketball journey!

Summer Camp


Get ready to elevate your basketball game and create epic summer memories! Our camp at Pro-Fit Basketball Training isn’t just about hoops; it’s a life-changing adventure for personal growth. Join us for an unforgettable experience with top-notch coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, catering to rookies and budding basketball stars alike.

It’s more than just a game; it’s about building lasting friendships and mastering vital life skills like teamwork, dedication, and resilience. The memories made here will last a lifetime, and the skills you’ll gain will shine both on and off the court. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Join us at Pro-Fit Basketball Training, where we’ll be a part of your journey to unlock your full potential while having an absolute blast this summer.