Our virtual training program is not just a series of random workouts…each week we progress the workouts to build on concepts from the week before, to make sure your kids are improving week to week! First two weeks of training are completely free!

With our weekly Virtual Training Program, you will recieve four 35m-50m workouts, every week, in the following areas:


Lower Body Workout

Upper Body Workout

Attacking the Basket

Speed and Agility


Athletes should look to complete each video 2-3x each week before moving on to the next week!!


Each batch of videos is $60, and includes:

  • 4-5 Workout Videos to be completed 2-3x a week, for two weeks.
  • One free 1h Virtual Session for us to give a custom workout not shown on the videos, offer modifications, and give feedback on what you can do to keep improving! 

Week 3

To schedule your virtual training session, please email julian@profitathletes.com!