Pro-Fit Elite Camp

Attention all teen and tween Potomac basketball players: you are invited to the Pro-Fit Elite Camp this summer.  Those in the Potomac area between the ages of 9 and 16 are encouraged to seize this opportunity to get them away from the screens and onto the basketball court for a summer of fun.  We provide before and after care, instruction from former professional players and highly competitive on-court play for ballers in the intermediate to advanced skill ranges.

The Number 1 Summer Basketball Camp in Maryland

We are proud of our top rated summer basketball camp in  Potomac as we have invested countless hours building this renowned program.  Bring your son or daughter to our camp and they will receive nuanced instruction and opportunity to compete against players of a similar skill level.  Each day is filled with six hours of competitive play, basketball training and conditioning exercises.  We also have a strength building program designed to keep your youngster strong.

The main reason why our Potomac summer basketball camp is top-rated in the entire state is our camp participants actually progress their game during these intense training sessions.  Sign up your teen or tween for our camp and they will get nearly unlimited reps, individualized coaching and most importantly, ample on-court competitive basketball action.

The Analytical Side of the Game

Basketball has never been more of a thinking man’s game.  Turn on a basketball broadcast and you will be inundated with complex verbiage, detailed statistics and discussion of nuanced strategies.  The Pro-Fit Elite Camp provides local ballers with the opportunity to improve their athletic prowess on the court yet we also provide assistance with the intellectual side of the game.  Our camp participants are treated to in-depth film study sessions with former pro players.  This is your youngster’s chance to analyze basketball action on the big screen, break it all down with the assistance of our instructors and implement what they learn on the court.

Reserve a Spot at our Potomac Summer Basketball Camp

If you have a son or daughter interested in basketball, give them the gift of the Pro-Fit Elite Camp experience this summer.  Our summer hours are 2-8 on weekdays and 10-5 on Saturdays.  Send us a message at to reserve a spot for your son or daughter in our top-rated Potomac summer youth basketball camp.

There are no more camp sessions for 2019.

Please check back for more information regarding next year’s camps!