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Excel with basketball training in Olney, MD from the experts!

Pro-Fit Basketball Training offers private basketball training sessions for boys and girls of all skill levels.

Our training programs have helped countless Olney, MD children improve their basketball skills and learn the value of teamwork. Whether your child wants to go pro later in life or train for the love of the game, our experienced trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and private facilities are here to make it happen.

All our facilities provide a safe, stimulating environment in which boys and girls can develop their skills. Allow your children to socialize, exercise, and improve their game in a modern, equipped, and safe environment.

Our facilities are open:

  • Monday – Friday: 3:30 PM – 10 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 3 PM

Find out how our private basketball training services have helped other kids, just like yours, improve their basketball and life skills. Read all about it in these customer reviews, and then contact us today.

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Benefits of Pro-Fit Basketball Programs

Basketball is one of the most cardio-intensive games in the world. It keeps children healthy and helps them maintain peak physical fitness.

Apart from improving fitness levels in kids, basketball training offers several other benefits. Children get to:

  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Embrace the concept of integrity and accountability to be successful in basketball, and later in life
  • Have fun and enjoy getting to know others in a safe and supervised space
  • Learn core basketball skills such as ball-handling, shooting, and offensive and defensive skills
  • Learn the importance of hard work and sacrifice in achieving basketball and real-life goals
  • Learn the mental aspect of the game, which is one of the essential elements of basketball
  • Live healthier by getting in their recommended cardio and strength exercises
  • Sharpen hand-eye coordination to become the best shooter, dribbler, and passer
  • Work in a team setting and learn how to accomplish team goals

Give your child life-long skills that will benefit them later in life with professional Pro-Fit Basketball Training sessions. Contact us today to get started.

Full-Service Professional Basketball Training in Olney

Pro-Fit Basketball Training offers full-service basketball & strength training programs for boys and girls regardless of their skill level. We always deliver our training in small groups to ensure that your child gets the most from their sessions.

Our facilities and programs are headed by Coach Julian, who has years of experience playing and teaching the game. Whether your child wants to improve their game or compete at the collegiate and NBA levels, Pro-Fit has the appropriate program.

We teach:

  • High-level basketball skills that incorporate NCAA Division 1 and NBA-level concepts that will help your child take their game to the next level
  • Strength training, improving your child’s vertical jump, strength, stamina, and speed on the court
  • Physical training and mental skills from former high-level basketball players that will help your child succeed

Visit our facilities today to see them for yourself to help you make your decision.

Why Choose Us?

Pro-Fit Basketball Training offers the very best basketball training your child can get.

We are an established basketball training service that guarantees improvements in your child’s dribbling, shooting, and passing skills. All our trainers have collegiate NCAA Division 1, professional experience in the NBA or experience playing overseas, and know what it takes to make it at the game’s highest level.

We also have NASM-certified strength trainers that can help your kids reach their maximum athletic potential.

Want to learn about us and our story? Get more information here and then give us a call to schedule a free workout today.

Pro-Fit Basketball Training provides professional basketball training for children and teens living in Olney, MD. Email us today at to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation.