Pro-Fit Basketball Lessons

Basketball lessons have the potential to change your child’s life.  Enroll your tween or teen in Clarksburg basketball lessons, and they will experience several benefits.  They will not only be able to learn the skills of the game with other students, but they will learn from former professional basketball players. This is a chance for your child to learn and master the game’s fundamentals, perfect their technique, and form lasting friendships.

A State-of-the-Art Basketball Training Facility

Whether your child needs to improve their skills, or they dream of competing at the collegiate level, we have a training program that’s the perfect fit for them. To optimize our training environment, we have two full half-courts and a strength and conditioning space complete with resistance bands, weights, racks for benching or squatting, dumbbells, and more. You will not find a better facility for your child to improve their basketball skills and have a blast.

Basketball Lessons For All Skill Levels

We offer basketball lessons that are appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. For instance, our Rising Stars program is for beginner players. Kids between the ages of 9 and 13 are invited to participate in this basketball program in which we teach the basics of the game from essential fundamentals to footwork and more. Our instructors stress the importance of the spacing and basketball IQ throughout the duration of the Rising Stars program.

If your child is more experienced, we offer Next Level Training which focuses on preparing students to play on varsity or more advanced basketball teams. On the other hand, we offer more personalized and one-on-one training for those students who need complete and total attention from one of our professional trainers. Regardless of skill level or experience, we have a variety of programs and lessons that will best benefit your child.

Premier Training From Professionals

When you sign your child up for our premier training class, they will be surrounded by intermediate and advanced level players.  If they are looking to make the school team or possibly pursue a basketball scholarship, this is the training class for him or her. We intentionally keep our premier training class sizes small to provide individualized attention.

Strictly Division 1 basketball level concepts, attacks, and footwork are taught in these advanced classes. Furthermore, our premier training classes are solely taught by a basketball coach with extensive professional experience. Everyone between the ages of 9 and 22 is invited to participate in our premier training classes. We also have private basketball classes available as well.

Pro-Fit Basketball Training

Do you have a child interested in basketball?  If your son or daughter is interested in playing basketball, enroll them in our Clarksburg basketball lessons.  Reach out to us today at to find out more about our basketball lessons and enroll today.

There are no more camp sessions for 2019.

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