Improve Running, Explosion and Strength

Our Track and Field training program aims to improve running, explosion and strength through various levels. All track and field athletes will received personalized attention, taught the skills and knowledge to exceed at their event. Our Track and Field performance training program includes:

  • Starting Block Training
  • Hurdle Training
  • Speed & Strength Training
  • Running & Breathing Technique
  • Track & Field Strength and Speed program

All Track workout programs are headed up by Nick Vaughn, former All-American in the 4×4 Relay at George Mason University.


  • 1 Session – $50
  • 4 Sessions – $185
  • 8 Sessions – $350

What makes Pro-Fit different?

Our trainers have trained and competed at the highest level, and have been trained by the best in the business during their playing careers. We know what it takes to make it to the next level, what college coaches are looking for, and what types of drills the coaches will put you through once you arrive at college.

All Pro-Fit athletes will be prepared for immediate collegiate success, by trainers who have had success themselves in their careers, at the highest level. As well as being certified to train by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Pro-Fit Reviews

My son is a beginner and so far had just 2 sessions with Coach Julian. Coach Julian is very professional and does not mind starting with the basics. He teaches something new each session and keeps it interesting and fun. I am glad I picked Coach Julian to be my son’s coach.

I would recommend coach Julian to anyone that is either starting to play basketball, or trying to become better at it. My son said he had a great time with coach Julian, he was nice, and quickly helped him to improve his shot. I would recommend coach Julian to anyone who is looking for a good coach that can quickly help them improve their skills!”