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Millions of children grow up every year watching professional basketball games and dreaming of someday getting to show their talents on the global stage. While many of those children stay up late dribbling in the backyard and playing with their friends in the park, only a handful of them will ever get a chance to take things to the next level and play college basketball, let alone be part of an international or NBA team. What can make the difference between people who play for fun and those who get to play professionally? Coaching. Talent, a strong work ethic and dedication are some pieces of the puzzle, but working with a private basketball coach in Olney, MD can also make a difference. Pro-Fit Basketball Training helps you to strengthen your foundation in basketball and optimize your skills.

Our experienced team can work with children, teenagers and adults to grow their game. Our training programs are all customized to meet your precise needs, and they are detailed and comprehensive. With your private basketball coach in Olney, MD, you will complete drills, strength training, skills development and more. Our team is led by Julian Vaughn, an experienced professional basketball coach with a great deal of professional experience. All of our coaches can build on your strengths and address your weaknesses to make you a better basketball player.

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Meet Our Private Basketball Coach in Olney, MD

Our skilled team of trainers can help you learn skills both on and off the court. Julian Vaughn spent his college basketball career at Georgetown University before going on to have professional tryouts with the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics. Julian then took his pro career abroad and played internationally. His experience as a player gives Julian a unique background, because he knows what it takes to get to the next level through his own experience.

Our other trainers include

  • R. Pinnock: J.R. started his career at George Washington University, where he was the scoring leader for the 2006 season. J.R. was then drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. He started multiple pre-season games before he went overseas to play internationally. He is known for developing skills in all of his clients and crafting highly effective custom drills as a private basketball coach in Olney, MD.
  • Christian Macauley: Christian completed his college career at Texas A&M University before playing in the NBA G-League and multiple international teams. Christian has a great deal of experience working with players at all skill levels to nurture a more well-rounded game.
  • Oliver Ellison: Oliver is proud to be a lifelong resident of Washington, D.C. and he played college basketball at Howard University before he traveled to Africa to have his professional career. Oliver has a superior understanding of the best ways for players to improve their game, and he has worked very hard to develop customized programs for players who are ready to take things to the next level.

Our coaches operate out of our innovative facility in Silver Spring, MD, where you can take advantage of a complete range of training options including a basketball court and gym.

What Can a Private Basketball Coach in Olney, MD Do for Your Athletic Career?

When you come to Pro-Fit Basketball, you will work with a private basketball coach in Olney, MD who knows how to tailor training programs, drills and more to meet your specific needs. Private coaching gives you undivided attention and can assist with everything from mastering the basics to fine-tuning specific aspects of your game. If you register for a private class, you will get a full hour of intense training that targets both your strengths and weaknesses to make you a more complete player. You will get personalized drills that you can complete at home to make sure your performance gets better even when you aren’t with your coach. We offer both 1-session packages and 4-session packages that are discounted.

Where Can I Find a Private Basketball Coach in Olney, MD?

Let Pro-Fit help you on your journey to becoming a college hoop star or a professional basketball player. If you are searching for a private basketball coach in Olney, MD, please contact us at Our trainers can help you achieve your basketball goals—from making your high school basketball team to the NBA!