Make Pro-Fit your football off season training home. All sessions are geared to improve athleticism, conditioning and explosion for next season. Angles, routes, cut and first step speed are all drilled during training.

Footwork, agility, and Injury Prevention are focused on as well. In addition to on-the-field work, sessions will be held in the weight room to prepare for recruiting combines.

When you train with Pro-Fit, you will:

  • Get faster, stronger, and more explosive on the field.
  • Increase Your Speed
  • Improve Blocking and Tackling Strength
  • Gain Balance and Agility
  • Reduce the Likelihood of Injury

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During School Year

  • Monday-Friday: 4:30PM-8PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-5PM

Summer Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 2PM-8PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-5PM

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