The safety of our players, parents, and staff is our number one priority here at Pro-Fit Basketball. In response to the current pandemic, we will be implementing some new sanitation rules to ensure that our facility is a safe and healthy environment to play the game of basketball.

We will be following the latest CDC guidelines, and implementing some extra measures to keep our facility safe for everyone:

1. Enhanced Cleaning Efforts –  In addition to our professional cleaning crew that will come in at 8AM each morning to clean, our staff will be doing mid-day cleanings as well to keep the facility safe and sanitized.

2. Masks – All clients, parents, and staff are required to wear masks to be granted entry into the facility. Athletes will be required to workout with the masks on.

3. Sanitation – Each client that walks into the facility will be temp screened, and told to sanitize not only their hands, but their basketball as well. The ball that is brought/ chosen by the client will be their basketball for the entire session. Clients will be encouraged to sanitize during each water break as well, and at the conclusion of the workout.

4. Staff – In addition to our increased cleaning responsibilities, all staff will be masked and gloved during their entire shift. We will maintain social distancing requirements, while still providing great feedback and instruction for each client.

5. Distancing – For private lessons, it will be just your child and a coach on the floor at all times. In our small group lessons, your child will never be in a group class larger than 5-6 athletes, and the groups are broken down even further on the court to decrease contact with other players.

If you have any other COVID-19 related questions, please dont hesitate to contact us at!