WINTER 2018-2019


If you are a current/ past member of Classics Basketball AAU, you have an exciting opportunity to participate in our new Player Development Program (PDP) during the winter months! If you are looking to improve your athlete’s skillset throughout the winter, the PDP is for you!


The PDP is an affordable, results-driven program that will be aimed at the fastest possible skill development for Classics players! Classes are sold out at 6 players for maximum attention and repetitions. Each player who signs up will get two (2) 1 hour sessions each month. Areas focused on will be:

  • NBA Level Footwork/ Attacks
  • Proper Fundamentals/ Mechanics
  • Strength, Agility, and overall Athleticism

In addition, players will be given basketball AND strength evaluations at the beginning of the PDP and at the end to track improvement and growth.


The PDP will officially kick off December 4th & 5th at 6:30 pm! There will be several options to choose from as far as scheduling, and players will be paired according to age/ skill. The PDP will last 3 months, with sessions taking place every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Normally a $330 value, the classics PDP will cost just $160 if your child signs up before the deadline of December 1, 2018. If the deadline passes, or you want to just go month-to-month, its only $65 for 30 days.

3 Month Package

The 3 Month Package includes (2) one hour sessions each month. 6 sessions for just $160!


Month-to-Month includes 2 one-hour sessions for $65 a month!



During School Year

  • Monday-Friday: 4:30PM-8PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-5PM

Summer Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 2PM-8PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-5PM

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