Pro-Fit Basketball Training

Becoming a professional athlete of any type takes dedication, training, and extreme commitment. When it comes to playing basketball like a pro, you’ll need to go beyond just polishing your hoop skills. For you to be the best at what you do, your body needs to be its most powerful, too.

You want to be quick and agile on the court, right? Do you need to run faster, throw stronger, and jump higher? The secret is conditioning. At Pro-Fit, our trainers work with athletes in Silver Spring, MD, to put you through a comprehensive training program that includes strength training and basketball skill development.

At Pro-Fit, we’ve already helped countless athletes achieve their dreams of becoming great basketball players. Many have gone on to play collegiate basketball and made it into the pros.

Don’t believe us! Take a look at the reviews and testimonials from athletes who have been a part of our program. You’ll see how we helped them hone their basketball skills and enabled them to play basketball in high school, at the collegiate level, and beyond.

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Our Team of Basketball Trainers

Pro-Fit has a team of experienced basketball trainers with proven skills on the court. Our lead trainer and owner is Julian Vaughn, who played at Georgetown University at the collegiate level and even tried out for the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics before pursuing a basketball career overseas in Europe.

Vaughn uses his experience as a professional basketball player to develop comprehensive training programs that will get the most out of our athletes—and that could include you!

Accompanying Julian in the training department are:

  • R. Pinnock (Trainer): J.R. played college basketball at George Washington University, where he led in scoring during the 2006 season. Drafted by the Lakers, he played pre-season games with the team before leaving to play overseas. J.R. brings a lot to the Pro-Fit team when it comes to basketball drills and developing skills.
  • Oliver Ellison (Trainer): Oliver, a D.C. native, played collegiate basketball at Howard University. After college, he played professionally for two years overseas on teams in Africa. Oliver has a keen eye for identifying ways for players to improve their game, so he helps create programs customized to each player.
  • Christian Macauley (Trainer): Christian played basketball at Texas A&M and then played for the NBA G-League before going overseas. He specializes in developing players to be as focused on defense as on offense.

We invite you to learn about our facility near Silver Spring, MD, and see everything we have to offer. We have access to a private basketball court and a gym to help you develop your abilities as an athlete as well as your on-court skills.

Develop Your Skills Through Private Training

Our basketball trainers are here to cater to your particular needs. We offer various types of training programs in both private and semi-private training sessions. Our program uses quantitative measures to assess players and determine which skills you need to target for development. Based on that assessment, we customize your program and track your progress.

We also offer group training sessions that cover the basics of basketball. These include drills for dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and body conditioning. We make sure that each athlete gets the personal attention they need for proper development so that they will be ready to play basketball at any level. We offer the following to all our athletes:

  • Offensive and defensive drills used by NCAA and NBA teams
  • Basketball trainers with experience at the collegiate and professional level
  • A comprehensive training program that includes strength training and conditioning alongside basketball drills
  • Custom training programs for athletes, from beginners to professionals

If you live in or near Silver Spring, MD, be sure to contact Pro-Fit today at  We’ll contact you to discuss our packages and find out how we can help you on your quest to becoming a professional basketball player.