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A professional basketball trainer serving Potomac, MD and Montgomery County.

Children around the country and around the world grow up watching sports and playing them with the hope that someday they will take the court and become part of history. However, only a select few will be granted the opportunity to take things to the next level through a career in professional sports. What can be the difference between children who play with their friends and children who are given the chance to turn their dreams into reality? Good work ethic, talent and dedication are three pieces of the puzzle, and working with a professional basketball trainer in Potomac, MD is another. At Pro-Fit Basketball Training, we know how to take your foundations and build something that is truly wonderful.

Our experienced team works with both adults and children. We offer a comprehensive, detailed training program that integrates strength training, skills development and customized drills to address weaknesses in your game and build up your strengths. We are led by Julian Vaughn, an experienced professional basketball trainer with multiple levels of professional play under his belt. Whether you’re a college basketball player or high school athlete, we can work with you.

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Meet Our Basketball Trainer in Potomac, MD

Our team of trainers has developed their skills both on and off the court. Julian Vaughn is our founder and head trainer, and he had a college basketball career at Georgetown University in addition to professional tryouts with the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards. Then, he traveled to Europe to pursue his professional dreams overseas.  Vaughn’s wealth of experience as a player gives him an edge over other trainers. Julian understands what it takes to develop and become a high-level player, as well as how to get you there.

Our other trainers include

  • R. Pinnock: J.R. started his college basketball career at George Washington University, where he led scoring for the 2006 season. After being drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and playing numerous pre-season games, J.R. decided to take his professional career overseas. He is known for his wealth of experience in both basketball drills and developing skills in clients of every age and skill level.
  • Oliver Ellison: Oliver is proud to be a D.C. native, and he played collegiate basketball at Howard University before taking his career to Africa to play numerous international games. Oliver has an in-depth understanding of how to help players improve their game, and he has earned a reputation for creating high-quality customized programs for players who want to elevate their game.
  • Christian Macauley: After playing college basketball at Texas A&M, Christian played for the NBA G-League before playing internationally for many teams. He has years of experience helping players learn to play a more defensive and well-rounded game.

Every basketball trainer in Potomac, MD working on our team operates out of our cutting-edge facility in Silver Spring, MD. At our private basketball court and gym, you can work on your fitness and on-court ability.

What Can a Basketball Trainer in Potomac, MD Do for Your Athletic Career?

We take a customized approach to training, because we know that no two athletes are the same. We offer numerous training programs that are private and semi-private to build your skillset and diversify your game. As an experienced basketball trainer in Potomac, MD, our team can combine quantitative and qualitative measures to identify your areas in need of development and build you up. As you continue working with us, we will track your progress and ensure continued growth.

Every one of our athletes receives access to:

  • In-depth training that includes strength training, conditioning, basketball drills and more
  • The same offensive and defensive drills used by international teams, the NBA and the NCAA
  • Customized programs that are designed to meet your skill level
  • Professional basketball trainers with firsthand experience

Where Can I Find a Basketball Trainer in Potomac, MD?

Let Pro-Fit help you on your journey to becoming a college hoop star or a professional basketball player. If you are searching for professional basketball training in Potomac, MD, please contact us at Our trainers can help you achieve your basketball goals—from making your high school basketball team to the NBA!