Improve Your Basketball Skills in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Our Basketball skills training program in Gaithersburg, Maryland aims to improve all aspects of every basketball player’s game. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to collegiate bound players.

From improvement on defense to achieving perfect shooting form, our basketball trainer will give every basketball player the proper attention to help every athlete reach his or her goals. Our Basketball skills training program includes:

  • Shooting Form Development
  • Ball Handling
  • Perimeter Game
  • Post Game
  • Basketball Focused Strength and Speed Program

Julian Vaughn

All Basketball skills programs are taught by Coach Julian Vaughn, former professional basketball player and standout at Georgetown University.

Small Group Basketball Training - Beginners

In our beginners class, your child will be taught the fundamentals of basketball with other children starting out at the same level. Shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork and more will be the primary focus. All players will also get beginner Sports Performance work to help them with their running form, speed, lateral movement, coordination, and explosion!

1 Session = $45

4 Sessions = $170

8 Sessions = $325

Small Group Basketball Training - Intermediate

In our advanced Group sessions, players will begin to learn college and pro level moves, footwork, and techniques to attack the basket to dominate their defenders. Classes will also include 2v2, 3v3 games to practice what has been learned during class against real competition.

Advanced Sports Performance drills and techniques will be added every class to focus on speed, agility, vertical jump, lateral movement, core and strength training.

1 Session = $45

4 Sessions = $170

8 Sessions = $325

Private Basketball Training

For maximum attention and customized workouts for each player, Private Training is the ultimate player improvement experience. Each player will be evaluated and have an individualized plan of improvement laid out for them. Strengths will be magnified and weaknesses will be improved in all areas.

Elite Sports Performance techniques will be applied to make each client the best athlete possible. Customized, and documented strength training will be utilized to track progress and ensure growth in all areas athletically. Dietary suggestions and meal plans are also provided to maximize results for each player!

1 Session = $69

4 Sessions = $265

8 Sessions = $500 (BEST VALUE)

What makes Pro-Fit different?

Our trainers have trained and competed at the highest level, and have been trained by the best in the business during their playing careers. We know what it takes to make it to the next level, what college coaches are looking for, and what types of drills the coaches will put you through once you arrive at college.

All Pro-Fit athletes will be prepared for immediate collegiate success, by trainers who have had success themselves in their careers, at the highest level. As well as being certified to train by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Ready to improve your game?

Pro-Fit Training Reviews

“Where do we begin with Coach Julian? He is the total package coach, all wrapped up in one. He was able to access my sons level of playing and create a plan that will excel him to an elite level. I appreciated him explaining the details of the workout regiment he had for my son, answering my many questions. He is very knowledgeable in strength/conditioning, basketball, and nutrition. On top of that, he is professional, friendly, and fun, making the entire work out experience perfect! My son is excited about his workouts with Coach Julian and that makes me extremely happy

“Coach Julian is an awesome coach! My son trained yesterday with him for the first time and we are continuing sessions with Coach Julian for sure! Julian is a “big picture guy”! In addition to working on overall conditioning, agility and ball handling skills etc., what makes Julian an amazing coach is that he really focuses on understanding the game and knowing what to do at any point in the game. He is personal, attentive and motivated to make your child succeed with confidence. What more could you ask for!” – Maureen