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Millions of teenagers and children grow up watching the best basketball players in the world perform on the international stage and shooting hoops in their own backyard, hoping that someday they will also be able to see their names in lights. While that dream is shared by many different people, only a few of them will turn that dream into a reality. What is the difference between people who rise to the top and the ones who never make it? Talent, dedication and work ethic are some of the reasons, but working with a professional basketball coach in Silver Spring, MD can be another. Pro-Fit Basketball Training works with players of all skill levels to elevate their game.

We are proud to have a team of experienced trainers who are deeply invested in your success and who can work with anyone from children to adults. Our training programs are designed to be comprehensive and well-rounded so that you develop your entire game and not merely one element of it. Julian Vaughn, our founder, is an experienced basketball coach in Silver Spring, MD with professional experience on the national and international stages. Whether you want to help your child elevate their game or you’re a college basketball player hoping to play professionally, we are here to be your support system and a place for you to grow.

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Meet Our Basketball Coach in Silver Spring, MD

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds but all share one thing in common—they have worked hard to develop their skills on and off the court so that they can help you develop your skills on and off the court. Julian Vaughn is our head trainer. Julian grew his skills during his college basketball career at Georgetown University and had pro tryouts with the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics. Instead of staying in the US, Julian traveled to Europe to play professionally. He knows what separates the best from the rest.

Our other trainers include:

  • R. Pinnock: J.R. is another George Washington University alum, and he led scoring for their team during the 2006 season. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and started multiple pre-season games for the team before traveling overseas to play professionally abroad. J.R. has the perfect combination of coaching skills and positive support, so he can help any player take their game to the next level.
  • Oliver Ellison: Oliver is a Washington, D.C. area native who completed his college career at Howard University. Upon graduation, he traveled to Africa and played in multiple international basketball games. Oliver understands the things that separate the truly excellent players, and he can help you elevate your game.
  • Christian Macauley: Christian finished his college basketball career at Texas A&M before he played for the NBA G-League and international teams. Thanks to his experience, he can teach players how to play a complete, defensive game.

When you work with your basketball coach in Silver Spring, MD, you will have access to our cutting-edge practice and game facility located in Silver Spring. Our location boasts a private gym and basketball court so that you can practice drills, develop your on-court ability and improve your fitness.

What Can a Basketball Coach in Silver Spring, MD Do for Your Athletic Career?

We have a customized approach to training and developing athletes that gets real results. Our training is varied, and it can help athletes of every skill level. We offer both private and semi-private group trainings that incorporate qualitative and quantitative measures to pinpoint areas that require more development.

Our athletes receive access to comprehensive training programs including drills, strength training, conditioning and more. We will also connect you with offensive and defensive drills that are currently used in international play, the NCAA and the NBA. You will also receive access to custom programs tailored to your skill level from professional coaches who have been exactly where you are.

Where Can I Find a Basketball Coach in Silver Spring, MD?

Let Pro-Fit help you on your journey to becoming a college hoop star or a professional basketball player. If you are searching for professional basketball training in Silver Spring, MD, please contact us at Our trainers can help you achieve your basketball goals—from making your high school basketball team to the NBA!