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A professional basketball coach serving Olney, MD and Montgomery County.

Kids all over the world dream about playing basketball on big stages, like the Olympics or the NBA. But even if they love basketball and work hard, not all of them get a chance to play professionally or in college.

So, what can help these kids reach their dreams? Well, having talent, dedication, and hard work is important, but having a skilled basketball coach in Olney, MD can make a big difference too.

That’s where Pro-Fit Basketball Training comes in – our coaches help young players of all ages and skills do their best. If you’re looking to become a better player, whether you want to go pro or just enjoy the game, our coaches with real-life basketball experience can help.

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Meet Our Basketball Coach in Olney, MD

For those aiming to enhance their basketball skills, turn to Pro-Fit Basketball Training. Our diverse coaching team offers a wealth of experience, each contributing unique strengths to ensure comprehensive and effective guidance for your improvement journey.

Our head coach is Julian Vaughn. He’s an experienced basketball coach in Olney, MD who played college basketball at Georgetown University and even tried out for the Washington Wizards and Baltimore Celtics. He knows the difference between playing for fun and playing like a pro because he’s been there.

Our Other Coaches Are:

  • J.R. Pinnock finished college at Georgetown University, where he led scoring in 2016. The Los Angeles Lakers drafted him in the NBA. J.R. is a great basketball coach in Olney, MD because he knows how to encourage and teach his students well.
  • Oliver Ellison: He’s lived around Washington, D.C. his whole life and played college basketball at Howard University. He even played basketball internationally in Africa. Oliver can help players like you improve and reach higher.
  • Christian Macauley started his basketball journey at Texas A&M University before playing in the NBA G-League and other teams worldwide. He’s all about making players better at both offense and defense.

Working with the right basketball coach in Olney, MD can make you a better player and get you closer to your athletic goals. We’re here at Pro-Fit Basketball Training in Silver Spring, MD, ready to support you in games, practices, and training.

What Can A Basketball Coach In Olney, MD Do For You?

At Pro-Fit Basketball Training, we’ve developed a unique and effective training approach. Our methods are grounded in data analysis, enabling us to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Your dedicated basketball coach in Olney, MD will craft a personalized plan tailored to your needs. This comprehensive program encompasses various aspects, including specialized strength training, targeted conditioning, skill-enhancing professional drills, and additional elements to elevate your game.

We are committed to fine-tuning your skills and propelling you towards your athletic aspirations. Join us and experience the transformative journey towards becoming a better player, guided by our specialized training methods and individualized coaching in Olney, MD.

Where Can You Find A Basketball Coach In Olney, MD?

Allow Pro-Fit Basketball Training to guide you on the path to becoming a basketball sensation, whether it’s on the college court or in the grand NBA arena. Should you seek basketball training in Olney, MD, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at

Our dedicated coaches are primed to elevate your skills, assisting you in your journey from earning a spot on your high school team all the way to achieving your dream of playing at the highest level in the NBA. Your basketball aspirations are our priority, and we’re here to help you shine.