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Children around the world dream of being able to share their talents on the international stage someday, whether they are shooting hoops at the Olympics or in the NBA. Even though they have the passion and the time to dedicate to their love of basketball, many of them will never have the opportunity to play at a professional level, let alone a collegiate one. What stands between these children and the opportunity to play on the largest stages? Talent, dedication, and hard work are three pieces of the puzzle, but you can also benefit from a skilled basketball coach in McLean, VA.

At Pro-Fit Basketball Training, our coaches work with young players at every skill level and age to encourage them to succeed. When you get help from a basketball coach in McLean, VA, you will be able to build on your current skills and transform into an even better player. We don’t just work with people who want to play professionally, but also adults who just want to develop their skillset and enjoy basketball. Our trainers do not just have coaching experience, they also have real-world professional experience. Are you ready to raise the bar?

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Meet Our Basketball Coach in McLean, VA

Pro-Fit Basketball Training is a trusted resource for anyone who is looking to improve their basketball performance. We have a diverse, skilled training staff, and every member comes from a background that brings something different to the table. Our head coach is Julian Vaughn. Julian is an experienced basketball coach in McLean, VA who played college basketball at Georgetown University before completing tryouts with the Washington Wizards and Baltimore Celtics. He was inspired by his success to take his career abroad, where he played internationally. Thanks to Julian’s firsthand experience, he knows what makes the difference between athletes who play for fun and those who play professionally. 

Our other trainers include:

  • J.R. Pinnock completed his college career at Georgetown University, where he led scoring for the 2016 season before being drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA draft. J.R. is known for being an effective basketball coach in McLean, VA thanks to his experience combining positive encouragement with detailed coaching so that all of his students can reach their highest potential. 
  • Oliver Ellison: Oliver is a lifelong resident of the greater Washington, D.C. area, and he played college basketball at Howard University. After graduation, he went abroad to play international basketball in Africa. Oliver knows what can separate the best from the rest, so he knows how to work with players like you to help you raise the bar.
  • Christian Macauley started his pro career at Texas A&M University before he took his talents to the NBA G-League and numerous international professional basketball teams. Christian specializes in making players more well-rounded and focusing on defense instead of just offense. 

Working with the right basketball coach in McLean, VA can ensure that you improve your performance consistently towards your ultimate athletic performance goals. At Pro-Fit Basketball Training, we care about supporting all of our athletes from our conveniently located game, practice, and training facility in Silver Spring, MD.

What Can a Basketball Coach in McLean, VA Do for Your Athletic Career?

Pro-Fit Basketball uses a unique approach to basketball training that is proven to get results. Many of our evaluations are data-based, which means that it’s easy to track your progress and see exactly how you are improving as you continue to train. Your basketball coach in McLean, VA will customize your program to meet your precise needs and incorporate strength training, conditioning, drills used professionally, and more. 

Where Can I Find a Basketball Coach in McLean, VA?

Let Pro-Fit help you on your journey to becoming a college hoop star or a professional basketball player. If you are searching for professional basketball training in McLean, VA, please contact us at Our trainers can help you achieve your basketball goals—from making your high school basketball team to the NBA!