3v3 Fall League

November 19-20-December 17-18

Our 3v3 league aims to provide the best possible learning experience for all young players who are developing in the game of basketball.

The game of 3v3 is MUCH more beneficial for beginners/developing players because of the increased opportunities to attack, shoot, and defend on the ball individually, where these situations are more limited in the 5v5 game.

All players will:

1. Be placed on a team of 3-4 other players MAX, to ensure maximum playing time and opportunities on the court
2. Compete in three, 15 minute games each weekend
3. Be guided by coaches at each basket during every game, directing the players on high level spacing, movement, and team tactics
4. Have a chance to compete for playoffs, championships, & prizes

7-8 Years Old

9-10 Years Old

11-12 Years Old

13-14 Years Old